2nd Cuts Filmmaker Screening

Whistler BC • April 10-15, 2018

Crowd Scene at the World Ski and Snowboard Festival

Friday, April 13, 2018
Whistler Conference Centre
12pm - 3pm


The 2nd Cuts Filmmaker Screening will be a screening of all of the completed films of 2018. The 2018 winner and finalists will be shown near the end of the screening.

The ultimate voyeuristic experience for budding filmmakers, movie-lovers, and anyone with an interest in Whistler’s film community. A showing of all of the completed 72hr Filmmaker Showdown entrants, this is a don’t-miss event for friends, family, competitors, fans, and rivals.


Please note, the 2nd Cuts Filmmaker Screening is open to all ages. Some shows may include adult humour and a small amount of profanity. Please attend at your own discretion.


1 A Drors Reckoninig - Brad Nichols

2 Bite Me - Janalee Budge

3 Buried - Sangwoo Kim

4 Confessions of a Freeskier - Paul Cain

5 Cry Me A River - Alenka Mali

6 Dinoractor - Liz Peacock

7 Don't Date a Girl from the Mountains - Mirae Campbell

8 Find Your Way - Christopher Flores

9 Goodbye Again - George Ng

10 Hiraeth - Mark Doyle

11 Kill Vill Volume 1 - Bob Crook

12 Leave it to the Snow - Janice Mingass

13 Mighty Ducks 6 - Ballad of Backhand McGee - Kyle Killeen

14 Mike Villeneuve - Michael Villeneuve

15 Ones Inner Voice - Yamil Galaz

16 Rendezoo - Mark Torlay

17 Ski Bum - Joseph Dakin

18 Sounds of the Sea to Sky - Mark O'Krafka

19 The Breeding Ground - Gabriel Ostapchuk

20 #thelegendarytrail - Parthiban Mohan

Olympus 72 Hour Filmmaker Showdown FINALISTS

21 The Fifth Idea - Jayden Inniss

22 DIY Vs. B Roll - Patrick Sills

23 Love Birds - Dale Bailey

24 All or Nothing - Joshua Blasman

25 The System - Rebecca Wood Barrett

26 The Snow Angel - Angie Nolan

27 Kindred - Rejena Rahmani

28 Amanda - Bianca Kodato

29 Bromeo & Kate - Ryan Kenny

Olympus 72 Hour Filmmaker Showdown WINNER
30 H.E.N.K Charles Nasby 


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