ARTdrenaline 2017

Whistler BC • April 7-16, 2017

Crowd Scene at the World Ski and Snowboard Festival

Saturday, April 15, 2017
Whistler Conference Centre - Rainbow Theatre
7pm to 7:50pm - Immersive Art & Photo Instalment Experience
8pm - Live Performance

What is ARTdrenaline?
ARTdrenaline was the brainchild of Katie Schaitel and Angie Nolan in 2005 to showcase artistic talent of all mediums in the Sea to Sky Corridor. With the objective being to highlight the quality and sustainability of the Arts in Whistler. Well, the show was a hit!
Now, in 2017, with the wonderful support of WSSF and the addition of new ARTdrenaline team members, Ira Pettle and Monika Rosen, we are happy to announce that we are bringing back ARTdrenaline! Whistler is a town that supports the local creative community in order to provide an exciting and fulfilling cultural experience for locals and tourists alike. ARTdrenaline at WSSF is the perfect storm for such an experience.
The event is a multifaceted art experience with two major components to it. One is the immersive visual and interactive art instalments through art and photography and the other is a live stage performance piece with music, dance and theatre.
Much of the event will be curated beforehand with the work of established local artists. However, there will also be the opportunity for other artists to be included through an open submissions format.  A selection committee will choose artists from those submissions and a list of finalists will be invited to be a part of the final ARTdrenaline event. 
April 15th, 2017
Rainbow Theatre, WCC.
7pm - 7:50pm: Immersive Art & Photo Instalment Experience
8pm - Live Performance Experience
Our team thought GRACE would be a most welcome theme for 2017. So that's what it shall be.
What does GRACE in ART/SPORT/LIFE/LOVE mean to you?
*NOTE: To be considered, all curations and submissions must represent what this theme means to them. 


Live at the Festival