Olympus 72hr Filmmaker Showdown

Whistler BC • April 7-16, 2017

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Wednesday, April 12, 2017
Whistler Conference Centre
Doors: 8pm / Show: 9pm

The creative playing field is leveled at Whistler’s annual OLYMPUS 72hr Filmmaker Showdown. Post-production trickery, exotic locations, superstar talent and big budget advantages are made irrelevant when filmmakers are tasked to shoot, edit and produce a 3-5 minute short film within 100km radius of Whistler over the course of 72 hours. Relying purely on originality, craft, speed and endurance, the OLYMPUS 72hr Filmmaker Showdown distills the art of film-making into its purest form – taking creative vision from concept to reality in record time in order for it to be enjoyed on the big screens by an audience of 1500+.

One winner, Best of Show, will be chosen by an expert panel of judges to reap the rewards this exposure will result in. Best of Show will also win over $10,000 in prizing.

Please note, the Olympus 72hr Filmmaker Showdown is open to all ages. Some shows may include adult humour and a small amount of profanity. Please attend at your own discretion.


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