Thu. Mar 12, 2015

When mountain minds gather, you can almost guarantee a night of mind blowing stories. Multiplicity is back at WSSF this year and once again, the speaker series is bringing a wide range of presentations that will take you from BASE jumping off bridges all the way to the Milky Way. 

First up on the stage, Playground Builder, Kirby Brown:
In 2007 the light went on for Kirby, when Keith Reynolds and he were discussing the benefits of play for children in conflict zones. Soon after he became a board member and passionate participant with Playground Builders in the pursuit of bringing play to as many war-afflicted children as possible.  Having traveled to Central Asia and the Middle East on two occasions he has seen firsthand the incredible before and after effects that playgrounds have on children’s physical and emotional health.

About his presentation: 
Using images from his trips to Afghanistan with the Whistler-based charity Playground Builders, Kirby takes off the gloves and reflects on the lives of people born into conflict, challenging us to read through the headlines to the bigger truths about the interconnectedness of our world. "People in poor places do things they don't want to because they lack choices. We'd rather see a yard full of young men learning a trade and thinking about their own future than looking at Taliban recruiting leaflets and thinking they don't have one."
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