Fri. Mar 27, 2015

Smalltown DJ’s subscribe to a fun maximization philosophy and it shows in their music. They want to have the best time possible which translates directly to their fans having the best time possible.  They are pretension free dance music with a sense of humour .  Their sound has been described as community hall punk rock, block party hip-hop and early nineties rave all mashed up into one intense dance party.

Mike Grimes and Pete Emes met in the late nineties; Emes was a geologist for an oil company and Grimes was a snowboard prodigy (he’s on the inside cover of the first ever Transworld). They joined forces over a mutual love of imposing their music on others and, as you may have put together, having a really good time.  Smalltown DJ’s was born and has since gone on to be a major success. They have travelled the globe playing everything from Shambhala to SXSW to Fabric in London.  And soon they will be here, in Whistler, to play for you.

You can dance your heart out at the WSSF opening party, IN THE BEGINNING, on April 11 at the Bearfoot Bistro.
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