Sat. Apr 11, 2015

Another year, another mind blowing collection of art, people, music, and performance. Every time I go to Skullcandy State of the ART I’m wildly impressed with the amount of talent that comes out. This year I had the distinct pleasure of seeing some of my friends’ blood, sweat, and smiles poured into the event and I’m so proud!

There is something for everyone at Skullcandy State of the ART; from jewelry and photography to ornate cigar boxes and painted Skullcandy headphones. Well-known names like Chili Tom and Vanessa Stark came out again to show their amazing works and they definitely did not disappoint. The colour and movement in their pieces is infinitely engaging; Chili Tom’s playful waves make you believe swimming will cure all.

The newbies this year came out with a bang. Carly Blackburn and Claudia Bambi Bacon are two friends of mine that have their first showing at State of the ART. In Carly’s display is her first ever coal drawing that she did while in Thailand in an art class. That painting is what stoked her creative fires and she told me she priced it really high so that only someone who valued it as much as she does might have it.

The Youth Wall is hosting some pretty talented teenagers who kind of make me feel bad about my lack of artistic ability. The deer mounted with real antlers is one of the coolest pieces for sure.

Father/daughter duo Dave and Laura McColm are showcasing their family skill with photographs by Dave which are then painted by Laura. Such talent in one family seems unfair, all my family seems to be good at is eating and picking fights with one another.

One of my favourite pieces is a photograph by Kyle Gibson that puts the Vancouver cityscape as the reflection of the mountains and in doing so bends my mind. I love it.

The opening party had dancers and a live art demonstration by a talented guy in a leotard high kicking and being shot at with a Nerf guns, which was hilarious and turned out a pretty rad painting. The gallery is open until the 19th of April from 12-6 daily with a DJ in the evening for ticketed events. There is a cash bar and the art is for sale which is a lethal combo but there is also an online store for shopping from the comfort of home.

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Written by Sarah Morden Photo by Sarah Morden