Sun. Apr 12, 2015

The enticing green lights paving the way up to the Listel hotel could only mean one thing, Monster Energy's in town, and they're ready to party. Back for a second year, In The Beginning was the high-energy, hot action item on the WSSF schedule for the sexy people of Whistler and beyond, and if you weren't there, I gotta say, you missed one monster party. The Bearfoot Bistro, one of Whistler's most acclaimed fine-dining restaurants, put away the caviar and Krug for the night, and welcomed the bad-boys (and girls) of Monster Energy and fans, into their establishment for this whirlwind dance party. The Bearfoot Bistro featured creative cocktails, such as the Monster Pick Me Up, with Monster Java, Espresso vodka and creme de cacao, in case you needed more energy than anyone, ever, in the history of the world, offered tasty tapas tidbits, and a venue like no other. The combination of Monster Energy and the epic lineup of DJs meant that there was no lack of hype in the room, right up until the hardcore 4am finish. Smalltown DJs, DJ Illo and DJ Pump pushed the boundaries, pumped the bass and had everyone rocking out until the wee hours, with the place filling up as 2am approached. The most epic way to kick off the 20th World Ski and Snowboard Festival, Monster Energy's shindig will be one to go down in the WSSF history books, and a word to the wise, make sure you secure a ticket for next year or else.

Written by Jess Smith Photo by Jess Smith