Sun. Apr 12, 2015

The women of Roller Derby are a fierce bunch. They channel Xena Warrior Princess with the grace of professional figure skaters. If you’ve never been to a Roller Derby match, it’s a raucous affair full of adrenaline, crazy makeup, and elbows.

The World Ski & Snowboard Festival hosted a bout between Whistler’s Black Diamond Betties and the Squamish Sea to Sky Sirens. The Silence of the Slams went down in front of a packed house of cheering fans in the Whistler Conference Centre on the first Saturday night of WSSF and it was the perfect way to get the town all fired up. The Whistler – Squamish rivalry lives on at the Roller Derby. This time, Whistler’s Black Diamond Betties rolled away the victors but Squamish’s Sea to Sky Sirens put up quite the fight and kept the Betties on their toes. The competition between the two teams is intense during the bout but I saw them out at the bar after and there were Betties doing shots with Sirens and high fives being thrown all around.

Congratulations Betties!

Written by Sarah Morden
Photo Courtesy of Dave Humphreys.