Tue. Apr 14, 2015

Last night's Girl's Gettin' it Done was another inspiring event in the stacked WSSF line-up: a casual movie night in the Rainbow Theatre with two very non-casual films.

Both films were shown in the Fall - Winter sports movie season in Whistler - to outstanding praise and it is easy to see why Darcy Turenne's 'The Little Things' is still being talked about. Her brilliant snowboard movie, the brain child of both her and good friend Marie France Roy, has a stirring focus on the unique personal tales of environmentalist snowboarders. Even local Rusty Ockenden's held in methane is an effort to reduce ones impact on the backyard we hold so dear: rock, grass, snowy spine and twig. The Little Things had absolutely no sponsorship to fund it and the 2 year project has been completely non-profit. It's available on Itunes and all proceeds go to Protect our Winter (POW) and the David Suzuki Foundation. Everyone can make a difference and the awesome stories, coupled with Turenne's incredibly beautiful macro cinematography weave a beautiful and inspirational tale, which we should all take a leaf from, so to speak. Evoking segments from Industry advocates such as Marie France Roy with her Cob built house; Jeremy Jones' phenomenal progress with POW, particularly in Capitol Hill; also Tamo Campos's bio fuel converted truck and fossil fuel free snowboarding excursions and educational talks, reminded us that no effort to change from a mainstream consumer lifestyle is too small. The snowboarding fringe community is full of people looking to adjust and have less impact on their main muse: nature. Gretchen Bleiler, Meghann O'Brien, Arthur De Jong, David Suzuki, Jonathan Moore and Mike Basich's stories were rising tales that make you want to build a hobbit hole and bio-sphere asap. Extremes aside, the individual community anecdotes about what they're doing to have an impact were so relatable. How can you make a difference? Be mindful and start small - we have a huge backyard! 'The best time to plant a tree is twenty years ago. The second best time is now.' - Proverb

Lynsey Dyer's Pretty Faces movie is an all Girl ski movie aiming to break down the gender barriers between female and male athletes. The need for this content in a male dominated industry was obvious said Lynsey before her movie. She wanted to provide female role models to motivate others to achieve their passions and goals and the passion and stoke of her riders does that. Rachel Burks is one such inspirational woman whose enthusiasm is contageous. Her finale in Alaska and the emotion you hear on her POV camera is something every skier can relate to after an epic line.

Pretty Faces has sold out 150 shows and is available on ITunes and Vimeo. The film has an array of sponsors, helping to fund the helicopter footage and trips to Alaska, Retallack, and Revvie, etc. Two songs by a personal favourite Seattle EDM duo, Odesza, feature in the movie and get you pumped to drop cliffs and slash huge turns. Footage and tales of tiny skiers, through to awe-inspiring athletes like Suz Graham, Angel Collinson and brrrrap Queen Nadia Samer; as well as freestyle riders at the pinnacle of their game at Nine Queens, stoked the flame to combat any irksome stereotypes you face as a female snow sports lover.

The night was incredibly thought provoking, on a lifestyle, personal level but also had me amped to go hard today - after all, 7th Heaven didn't open yesterday ;) See you on the hill!