Thu. Apr 16, 2015

Well that’s a wrap folks! Another year, another 72 hours, another creative collective of the masterful minds behind the lens. The OLYMPUS 72 Hour Filmmaker Showdown went off last night and many people are still feeling the effects well into today. This event always sells out and the proof is in the pudding. This pudding is better than your grandma’s sticky toffee recipe (but we like that too.) So sit down and listen up.

You start with 30 or so filmmakers and task them with editing and producing a 3-5 minute short film. Sprinkle a 100km radius of Whistler film location. Toss in a mandatory prop – this year was a green spray bottle. Combine well. Set your timer to 72 hours and watch as the creative playing field is completely leveled.

Over 30 films were submitted this year but only 8 made it through to finals, no small feat! Speaking of feats, let’s not forget our legendary host for the evening, Feet Banks, who emerged on-stage with multiple lipstick kiss marks on his face, also no small feat. The evening was a true smorgasbord delight. Everything from comedy, drama, heart-filled feel good, deep dark moments, and even a horror flick that will have me thinking twice about driving the Squamish Valley, alone at night, when you’re low on gas…

It was a close call based on initial audience reaction and noise levels. Kyle Killeen killed it with his fully loaded comedy, Channel Shredding, which featured original songs like the Beef & Blues - Fat Tony’s beef & blue cheese slice anyone? Hands down these guys win best intro for 2015, possibly ever? Kyle and his crew made their way to the stage dressed as the characters they play in the film. For Kyle, that meant carrying a pizza box. Hiding beers in a pizza box and then shot gunning on stage with all of your friends? That’s a win in my book. Full stop.

In the end it was Ben Giesbrecht who stole our hearts (and the judges) with his narrative filmmaking, winning both the People’s Choice and Best of Show. Grandpa’s Treasure Trail tells a story of a young man whose grandpa has recently passed away. He receives a few items his grandpa left for him and learns that some things aren’t what they seem…

Overall, the night was an incredible display of creative filmmaking at its finest. Hats off to all of the filmmakers. Keep those creative juices flowing and I’ll see you same time, same place, next year.
Written by Chelsea Moen