Sat. Apr 9, 2016

The State of the Art (SOTA) opening night party went down last night and it didn’t disappoint. The high flying acrobatics coupled with the great music and the packed room to create an electric atmosphere. The show from the acrobatics was very impressive but the fantastic art was the real reason everyone was there. The curator, Ace Mackay, did an amazing job with the flow of the room – the themes were evident and the transitions seamless. There was a definite ‘Whistler’ feel throughout the show though; mountains, animals, and nature were obvious inspirations.

The artists brought their A game to SOTA 2016. The quirky works from Kristian Adam were back and better than ever. He has such unique flair to his children’s illustrations that they are appealing to all ages. Carly Blackburn has matured as an artist and drawn inspiration from a recent trip to Mexico. Her stand out pieces were cow skulls, horns intact, adorned with colourful designs done in thread. They are arrestingly beautiful. Artist Jenny Judge had a truly different display. She 3D printed geographic features into glass so mountain ranges were transformed into beautiful stand alone ornaments. They were bright and colourful and unlike anything I’ve ever seen. She described her work to me as new-age bronze casting which I thought was very appropriate.

Photographers were out in force at SOTA. Nicolas Teichrob’s light box mounted works framed by rich wood stood out. His pieces were fractured light reminiscent of constellations and were really gorgeous. David McColm’s photos were the wonderful works of art they always are, he knows how to dress Whistler up and make it look just as majestic as it should.

SOTA is open every day until April 17 and is free. For more information, visit: