Wed. Apr 13, 2016

If you weren’t at the Comedy Showdown, let me tell you, you missed out. My tummy still hurts from laughing. The local talent absolutely killed it and the headliner, Ivan Decker, was possibly the funniest person I’ve ever heard speak. The show was sold out and the room was full of people who took host Meegan’s advice – alcohol consumption was high and expectations were low. There was no need for the low expectations though, the talent was all time.

The 7 amateur comics vying for first prize, and the accompanying giant $1,000 cheque, threw down a lot of local flavor. First up was Emily MacDonald, speaking her Whistler girl truth. She has some true local insider knowledge and it was hilarious. Nathan White, from the flat part of Alberta, followed with the suggestion of putting webcams in the bars so people could read the situation from the comfort of their home – I’m on board with that.

Events like this are great because they allow people who have never tried something before to have a chance - like Nadine Peterson, whose previous stand up experience was the semi-finals of the Comedy Showdown! She slayed though, a natural talent. Her second place place finish is very impressive!

John Shrier’s bit was on point and had the crowd howling. What would a child’s tantrum sound like in accents from around the world – I prefer the Scot tbh. He came third and I imagine it was a hard choice for the judges because the top three were all so amazing.

The stand out of the show was Kyle Killeen, and not just because of his luscious red locks, but because of his unique routine which included everything from the missing parts of the Domino’s, or as he called it – Common Bros, pizza tracker to a chivalrous rap song. Kyle deserved the win and the giant cheque he took home.

 It was Ivan Decker, the headliner, who had everyone in tears though. I thought I was going to throw up he was so funny. Shout out to the producers/hosts Tara and Meegan for locking someone of his caliber down.

Remember folks, get your tickets early next year – you don’t want to miss the funniest night in Whistler.