Mon. Apr 18, 2016

Energy was running high at the start of the event, either due to all of the free Monster energy drinks or the anticipation of the upcoming competition. The riders were up against three others in each heat with slight variations in each line with different jib features and obstacles adding to the pressure of the run. Those who qualified with the fastest time got to choose their preferred spot on the course. It kicked off with a variation of jibs and blended into some heavy banked turns begging for bails. A step up into some trees also proved tricky and provided some close calls. Ending the course was a massive jump with a mandatory spin which couldn’t have been easy as some of the riders were mere miliseconds apart from each other.
“I really like the uniqueness of the features they put in, throwing trees into a step up, 4 different rail features and one big ass jump.” Comments Tyler Ravelle, a competitor. “It's definitely one of my favorite contests of the year. Dropping in for the time trials on the first day is so mellow in comparison to the second day of the contest. Riding the finals with 3 other people side by side on a gnarly course is so fun and scary. I'd be hitting the jump and spinning, with a guy a foot in front of me.”
Taking home first place in the men’s category was Felix Dallaire from Quebec, 2nd place to Derek Livingston and third went to Rehett Haubrich who managed to out trick the closest competitor for some style points, bringing him onto the podium.
The women’s first place went to Stephanie Haines, right above Alexa Welgan bringing home the silver and Whistler local Darrah Reid in 3rd place.