Mon. Apr 10, 2017

You’re sitting in the gondola early morning, and you hear the local across from you say with a smirk “went underground last night" to their buddy. You may be wondering what on earth that means- why underground? What is underground? And why does that sound so cool?
Underground is slang for locals that refers to heading to a nightclub, because in Whistler all four clubs are amusingly located down a flight of stairs that take you into the depths of Whistler’s nightlife scene. People tend to get a little carried away ‘underground’. Rounds of shots are common, loud music is the norm, and fun is always had.
On Sunday night, the big party in town wasn’t underground, but very much above ground at the GLC. If you checked out the Fido Main Stage on Sunday at all, you would’ve caught Montreal band ‘Busty and the Bass’. This 9-piece band threw down a second show later that night as part of the Kokanee Freeride Club series, and Whistler audiences got another chance to enjoy this talented groups mix of jazz, hip hop and electro soul. All free of course, courtesy of Kokanee.
Bummed you missed it? Well the good news is there are still 4 more Kokanee Freeride performances to attend. On Wednesday, April 12th, get bold and head underground to Moe Joe’s nightclub to catch the much talked about reunion of hip hop artists Swollen Members. Thursday April 13th you’ll get free entry into the Longhorn Saloon where you can rock out to the infectious grooves of Fort Knox Five.  Friday April 15th the always popular Silent Disco mixes things up with three different DJs, and Sunday April 17th, bravely head underground to Buffalo Bills, where festival finale Ozomatli will be captivating the crowd.
Remember, when the sun goes down at WSSF, that’s when the party REALLY gets started. Underground or not.