Wed. Apr 12, 2017

You might see quite a few people walking around Whistler Village today frowning. If you were at the Comedy Showdown last night you’d understand why- it’s not easy to continuously laugh for a solid two hours. They are not frowning- their faces hurt.

In its third year, the word has officially gotten out that the Comedy Showdown is one of the most entertaining events at WSSF. Sold out days before and packed wall to wall with locals and comedy lovers, Buffalo Bills was hysterical in laughter thanks to local comedic competitors and headliner John Buehler.

Local Municipality worker Nikki Best braved the stage first, wondering what it would be like to have ‘man parts’.  The audience had a good giggle to hear why beards are challenging from Andrew Slater, why Mike Janyk suggests not learning sex from pornography, and Brandon Barrett’s account of how hard it is to deactivate an account on Facebook. Wouldn’t it be nice if Whistler nightclubs had webcams just like the mountain? Nathan White had a hilarious perspective on Whistler problems.

Nadine Peterson had the audience in stitches reminiscing what it was like growing up a native girl in a Scandinavian home in Saskatchewan, and what it’s like to hit the bar with her white gal pals. The hospitality industry provided unlimited material for Josh Degrandi, and he was able to tap into his repertoire of stories with the refinement of a professional comedian. 

While the judges deliberated on who should take down the top prizes at the show, rising comedic star John Beuhler took the stage with his wickedly funny and fearless routine. Though the audience tried to push his buttons several times, he retorted with even edgier jokes. No wonder everyone’s faces hurt this morning- Beuhler style hit all the fine points of daily life (and the life of a 39-year-old man) dead on.

In the end, rookie performer Nikki Best nabbed third place and cemented herself as one to watch in the local comedy scene. Nadine Peterson rightfully earned runner up at the show, but it was Aussie bartender Josh Degrandi who earned the top spot. With his $1000 winning cheque, he’ll be able to live off more that just ‘large spoonful’s of margarine and disappointment’. Let’s hope this talent keeps gracing Whistler’s stages with his incredible gift for inducing laughs.