Wed. Feb 28, 2018

Whistler snowboarding culture welcomes back Monster Energy Boarderstyle World Championships with open arms. This year, for the first time we'll be hosting the finals, which means we get to crown the champs and the buzz is already humming in town.

Due to the explosive energy of the athletes and the DJs dropping the beats while they ride it's a crowd fav. With the Whistler Blackcomb terrain parks in prime shredding condition we thought we'd catch up with a few previous contestants to see if they're practicing with the event in mind. The array of answers is, shall we say, interesting?

Photo credit: Russell Dalby Monster Energy

What is your favorite Monster Boarderstyle feature from past course layouts?

"The Alligator Pit as long as I'm not the one hitting it!" - Alex Duckworth

"My favorite feature is the finish line jump, mandatory spin and land to finish! That's where it all goes down." - Jesse Millen

"My favorite feature has got to the pond skim - it's probably the best one to watch. You never know what's going to happen and you can always expect so see come carnage." - Derek Livingston

Photo credit: Russell Dalby  Monster Energy

How do you train?

"Eat well, stay on the board, and clear my mind." - Jessy Brown

"Just show up and send it."
- Derek Livingston

What are you looking forward to most for this year's championships?

"I can't wait to see all my homies again. It's a fun event that brings out everyone from the young-guns to the legends" - Derek Livingston

"Seeing who eats it into the water hazard!" - Jesse Millen

Any words of advice for those dropping into the course?

"Keep your elbows up!" - Jesse Millen

"Stay fast and loose out there." - Jessy Brown

Photo credit: Russell Dalby  Monster Energy

While it might not seem so serious before the event, you can feel the energy ooze from each rider at the gates prior to dropping in. The excitement flows for the whole course ensuring there's not a bad seat on the mountain. Skier, snowboarder and even snowblader, we can guarantee you'll be thoroughly entertained watching the Monster Boarderstyle.

Photo credit: Abby Cooper

The course can be seen from the Solar Coaster chair and can be accessed via Choker Park or the Springboard blue run. Check out the event page for info on the when and where the Monster Energy Boarderstyle Championship is happening.

This blog was written by Abby Cooper, Content Manager at Gibbons. A lover of all things outdoors, Abby is a splitboarder, hiker, adventurer, photographer and writer. She's living life one adventure to the next with her dog by her side.