Wed. Mar 7, 2018

The original Saudan Couloir Ski Race Extreme posters, with their ominous fighter pilot character, the evocative feeling of speed and velocity, and their unique ethereal quality made them a must-have for ski cabin walls around the globe. When we posted them on our social feeds the comments flooded in, bringing with them a tide of memories...

Brent Lynch was the artist responsible for the originals, but this year he passed the creative baton to Vancouver-based artist Morgan Jeske. His comic book and illustrative style was a perfect fit for the project. He was told that the new poster had to be different and contemporary, but pay honour to the originals by keeping the essential elements.

He wanted the piece to capture a moment in time, and used the blurred motion of a slowed camera shutter to get that speed demon feeling. He kept the pilot hovering in the clouds, made the slope angle more extreme, made the colours pop, and added a sky that could only have come from the mind of an artist.

There’s been a 16 year hiatus for this legendary race, and what a way to announce its return with this incredible piece of artwork, fit for the next round of ski cabin walls.

Take a look at more of Morgan Jeske’s work on his website.