Whistler BC • April 7 - 16, 2017

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Welcome to the World Ski & Snowboard Festival Media Room. Here you will find everything you need to help tell the WSSF story.

Online Media Accreditation for WSSF 2016 is now closed. If you wish to cover WSSF, you can apply for accreditation at the Media Centre, located in Garibaldi A at the Whistler Conference Centre. See Media Accreditation Centre hours posted below.

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For general inquiries or for questions about Media Accreditation, please email Kristy Aleksich:

For everything else:
Randi Patterson
Communications Manager for the World Ski & Snowboard Festival

Media Centre Hours: 
Thursday, April 7
12pm - 6pm

Friday, April 8
8am - 6pm

Saturday, April 9
8am - 6pm

Sunday, April 10
8am - 6pm

Monday, April 11
8am - 6pm

Tuesday, April 12
8am - 6pm

Wednesday, April 13
8am - 6pm

Thursday, April 14
8am - 6pm

Friday, April 15
8am - 6pm

Saturday, April 16
8am - 6pm

Sunday, April 17
9am - 12pm 


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