Full WSSF Experience Returning 2023



What do all films need to showcase?

All films must include action footage of a snowsport. It can directed into a storyline or it can be edited into a classic a shred film. 

What is considered a snowsport?

Any action sport that is carried out on the snow. Common examples are skiing, snowboarding, snowmobiling, snowpark, urban ski & boarding, snowskates, snowbikes, speedskiing, ski ballet.

Who can enter the local category?

Films which showcase footage shot within 120 km of Whistler.

Who can enter the global category?

Films which showcase footage shot outside of Whistler or a combination of footage shot within 120km of Whistler and beyond.

What does footage shot within 120km of Whistler mean?

The local category can include footage shot anywhere on The North Shore mountains all the way to Lillooet.

 How do I set up my file?

Final export type: MP4 video

Frame size: 1920x1080

Max. File Size: 300mb

Suggested Compressor: H.264 codec

For help exporting look up: "how do I export for Youtube?" HERE or watch video above

What is the maximum file size upload?


How long can my film be?

2 - 5 min.

Do I need to own the right to my music?

YES. All attached audio must be DMCA free/you must own the rights to the audio.

Can you enter your local film into the international category? 


How does the competition work?

The judges panel will select 8 local finalists and 4 global finalists and 1 wild card.

4 local and 2 global films will be aired each round in 2 live shows. Anyone can vote online for 1 film in each category to advance to the finals. A secret wild card will automatically advance to the finals.

ROUND 1: April 16th

ROUND 2: April 23rd

FINALS: April 30th

How do I enter the PHOTO Competition?

You must enter a film to enter the photo comp.

Each team can submit 5 photos/stills to compete for Best Photo via the best photo submission link. The judges will pick the top 20 images and you can vote for your favorite photo online during the show.

How will I know if my film is a finalist?

Finalists will NOT be notified prior to the live show, so tune in to find out if you and your crew made it.

What is the Judging Criteria?

It's not about who goes the biggest it's about innovation.

- creativity of riders tricks

- original feature choice

- clever locations

- diversity of team members (age, race and/or gender)

- innovative filmmaking

- unique editing concepts

- inspirational art direction

- technical quality of final edit

- goosebump factor

- edits that use mobile phone footage are accepted but we will look for technical skill and lighting quality

Other T&Cs

- Teams must comply with all covid restrictions outlined by the BC PHO

- Footage must be taken in the last 10 years

- Submission Deadline: April 10th