Outdoor Concert Series

Whistler BC • April 10-19, 2015

Crowd Scene at the World Ski and Snowboard Festival

Who says nothing comes for free? Whistler at WSSF offers up a 10-day program of music concerts spanning a vast variety of genres to feed your soul and get into the festival groove. The Outdoor Concert Series is anchored at the WSSF festival Main Stage, located in Skier's Plaza, in front of the Excalibur Gondola and the Whistler Village Gondola.  Most days the live music will begin at 2:30pm and finish at 5:30 unless otherwise stated on the festival schedule. Join us at our stage and enjoy the massive crowd, serious beats and unforgettable vibe.  It's all for you and it's all for free.  


MSTRKRFT, the Canadian electronic music duo from Toronto closes out WSSF 2015 while Swollen Members lights up the first weekend of WSSF 2015 at the Gibbons Plazapalooza.  Check out the entire Outdoor Concert Series line up and come party every day at the festival mainstage.  Yelawolf, originally booked to play the Saturday Outdoor Concert Series, have cancelled Saturday's shows due to transportation issues.


Friday April 10th – Mainstage, Skier's Plaza -  7:00pm - 9:00pm

Fusing two fresh-off-the-mountain electronic music addicts, Tim and Dave together create 12 feet and 350 lbs of turbo-funk-boosted, snowsuit-donning man flesh. Hailing from the world famous ski town of Whistler, this dynamic duo loves shredding fresh power almost as much as they love smashing out hit records in the studio. 
Producing & performing together for over four years, they are like savage yetis feeding off of each other during their high energy live shows (which often feature snow machines & loud retro ski gear) while they blast through genres playing everything funky from bassline house to black-diamond twerk.

Saturday April 11th - Mainstage, Skier's Plaza - 2:00 - 3:00pm
Poor Dirty Silvia

Poor Dirty Sylvia is a Whistler 4 piece band playing country and blues originals inspired by 1930's, 40's and 50's greats. Songs are arranged to feature creative guitar work and lots of harmonies. This band has an old school feel with an original sound that is upbeat and easy to move to.

Saturday April 11th - Mainstage, Skier's Plaza - 3:30 - 5:00pm



The Sociables Variety Act is a booty shaking party band rooted in americana, hot jazz and rock n roll themes.   Hosted and founded by Monty Biggins, they are a family band of local musicians, a collective of players, that spend time in the sea to sky corridor.  Hosting members from all over the world, they are a collective that represents the transient nature of Whistler, and the friendships made through music.  Many of the musicians involved are in other local bands and join in the Sociables jams whenever they can.  They are a toe tapping fun time!  

Saturday April 11th – Mainstage, Skier's Plaza - 6pm 

Neph has emerged as a rising star in the Vancouver hip-hop scene, after he
dropping his critically acclaimed EP "The Black Box" to rave reviews.
Hip-Hop Canada proclaimed that Neph was "like a prize fighter in the ring.
He pins the beat up against the ropes and unleashes with flurries of rhymes
giving it no chance to breathe. With a substantial amount of local buzz
surrounding his natural talent, and co-signs from some of Canada¹s biggest
industry names, Neph has the potential to make a splash as a force to be
reckoned with." Neph's "The Black Box" EP is currently available as a free
digital download online at www.nephmusic.bandcamp.com.

Saturday April 11th - Mainstage, Skier's Plaza - 6:30pm - 7:30pm

Over the course of their decade long career, Swollen Members has managed to develop some of the most electrifying hip-hop chemistry. From the release of their debut album “Balance” in 1999, Swollen Members captivated the underground hip-hop world with live shows that took the raw explosive energy of rock music and powered it with the group’s jaw dropping lyrical abilities. The group’s universal appeal caught the attention of both underground and mainstream audiences and while earning accolades, as well as Juno Awards (the Canadian version of a Grammy), and Video awards. 


Saturday April 11th – Mainstage, Skier's Plaza - 8:00-10:00pm

Mat the Alien is out of this world when it comes to djing.  You haven't seen or heard anyone quite like him.  
He started messing around with vinyl in his Dad's UK record store when he was only 14 years old and now you can find him invading clubs and Festivals all across the globe.  Described by Knowledge Magazine as 'awe-inspiring' & 'some next level shit, he may even be ruling the decks on other planets for all we know.

Sunday April 12th – Mainstage, Skier's Plaza - 2:30pm - 3:30pm

Whistler locals, The Railtown Prophets, the ministers of good times and preachers of good ol’ rock-n-roll. These fellas are set to electrify saints and sinners alike.  Featuring Brancho Relexo, T.Rex McGuinty and Cpt. Conway. Influenced by the early sounds of rock and roll, soul, rockabilly and outlaw country the boys lead the congregation and get them up grooving with the swinging beats, sweet harmonies and stompin feet.

Sunday April 12th – Mainstage, Skier's Plaza - 4:00pm - 5:30pm 

Lush multi-­layered synth arrangements, thick bass lines, and catchy guitars run Top Less Gay Love Tekno Party through a gamut of electro, dance and glam pop hits. Hooky vocals elevate their songs to anthemic heights. The lyrics, often ironic and kitsch, strike at the heart of young relationships, partying and friendship. Forming as a band while living in Glasgow, Scotland, Top Less now calls Canada home. Their larger than life live shows are packed full of theatrical content including costume, dance performance, glitter, props and massive video projections. T​op Less released their much anticipated debut album on September 3, 2013 to much critical acclaim.
The band is currently recording their follow up album to their self titled release. 

Monday April 13th – Mainstage, Skier's Plaza - 2:00pm - 3:30pm

Case of the Mondays is a Whistler based duo that play House Music the way its supposed to… DEEP & GHETTO! Joni T and La Dooda serve up a heavy dose of 4 / 4 beats and gangster rhythms leaving crowds sweaty, confused, and only four words left in their mouth… “Woah, That was Deep”.


Monday April 13th – Mainstage, Skier's Plaza - 4:00pm - 5:30pm

Longwalkshortdock Music and Parties at the World Ski and Snowboard Festival - WSSF.COM

Longwalkshortdock essentially started the first time Dave King heard gritty electronic music in early eighties videogames. Dave started recording and looping segments as a child. He also got a taste for sampling and recording; taping segments of his piano practice to fool his parents into thinking he was practicing in the other room when he was really playing nintendo.  A veteran of sound design and electronic music production for well over a decade now, LWSD's vast catalogue of hundreds of songs dives into ambient, IDM, electro, acid, house, big beat, indie rock, drones, electronica and down tempo.  http://www.soundcloud.com/longwalkshortdock

Tuesday April 14th – Mainstage, Skier's Plaza -  2:30pm - 3:30pm

Tuesday April 14th – Mainstage, Skier's Plaza - 4:00pm - 5:30pm

The Humans - Music and Parties at the World Ski and Snowboard Festival - WSSF.COM

When Vancouver’s Robbie Slade joined forces with Montreal transplant Peter Ricq, they brought together the big beats of Ricq’s past as a warehouse party promoter/performer and the melodic sensibility of Slade’s days as a firefighter-turned-folk musician.  The result is an ever-evolving mix of contagious rhythm and energy that is the electro-pop dance duo HUMANS. Their upcoming album Noontide, released February 24th 2015 by Hybridity Music is carefully constructed, where HUMANS showcase their innovative mix of heavy electronics with modern pop sensibilities. http://dashumans.com/music/

Wednesday April 15th – Mainstage, Skier's Plaza -  2:30pm - 3:30pm
Marble Canyon

Wednesday April 15th - Mainstage, Skier's Plaza - 4:00pm - 5:30pm

Seattle, Washington based group, Longstride is the best new band set to explode onto the music scene. Longstride equals Reggae-Rock-Groove with real melodies and amazing execution with a ‘High energy, crowd moving’ stage show.  Longstride has emerged with a unique and distinctively lyrical Reggae-Rock-Groove identity. Their debut album “Days Like These” exhibits the breadth, power and soul of the band’s sound. 

Wednesday April 15th – Mainstage, Skier's Plaza -  2:30pm - 3:30pm

Thursday April 16th - Mainstage, Skier's Plaza - 4:00pm - 5:30pm

Internationally renouned party starter/rockstar Dj's SCOTTY MAC & JONI T team up with the ultra talented LACHY HOL (Sexual Six String) ANDY CROME (Pulse Pounding Percussion) & GREG COSSAR (Tone Tingling Trombone) to form, 'LIVE IN THE HOUSE' a 5 piece travelling act constructed by a 'Scotty Mac vs Joni T Back2Back Dj set & then turbo charged by the addition of Electric Guitar, Percussion & Horn Instruments.  A typical LITH set takes you on a ride across multiple genres from Deep & Jackin House to Old Skool Hip Hop, Trap & Ghetto Funk, all mashed up with instrumental solos that always leave you screaming for more.  Get ready to jump, scream, bounce & boogie as the LITH crew electrify your soul with their energized stage show!

Friday April 17th - Mainstage, Skier's Plaza - 2:30pm - 3:30pm
Swedish Afterski Mafia

Starting up this winter after a few beers these Swedish guys kicked of theSWEDISH AFTERSKI MAFIA with the aim to bring some wicked Euro aprés toWhistler. Starting at the Cinnamon Bear Bar & Grille with literally noexpectations the crowd has grown from just the crazy Scandinavians to include everyone in Whistler looking for a great show at the patio. The weekly show is currently holder of the all-time high crowd surfing record in Whistler stating 48 people during one show and the madness gets worse every week. If you hear the words ³Skååååål, gänga röööv² just raise your glass and scream along but never ask for the translation...


Friday April 17th - Mainstage, Skier's Plaza - 4:00pm - 5:30pm

Fort Knox Five at the World Ski and Snowboard Festival

Washington, DC - USA.  The FORT KNOX FIVE consists of Steve Raskin, Rob Myers, Jon Horvath, and Sid Barcelona. The ‘Fort Knox Sound’ combines live instrumentation with funky electronic breakbeats.
As DJs, Jon H & Steve ‘Raskal’ know how to rock parties with infectious grooves that effortlessly move from funk, reggae, and hip-hop to prime time 4/4 beats & breaks. Their unique 4 Turntable DJ sets have proven irresistible to clubgoers worldwide. They first came to Whistler to play Ace's Hotdoggin' Party over 10 years ago and have been coming back ever since.

Saturday April 18th – Mainstage, Skier's Plaza - 6:45pm

Jazz is hip hop – and we aren’t talking about the music genre neither. Toronto-born and based rapper Jazz Cartier is making moves much like his city, which happens to be the fourth largest in North America and arguably the world’s most multi-cultural. He knows area codes. And in the most non-superficial way imaginable. Having spent his formative years living in destinations as disparate as Houston, Barbados, Georgia, and Kuwait, all the way to Connecticut (where he attended private school), Jazz has a lot to draw on lyrically, perhaps way more so than your average 21 year old.
The forthcoming Marauding In Paradise mixtape is Jazz’s coming of age, coming out party that will appeal to the lowest common denominator of hard core rap enthusiast all the way over to the more cerebral and heady urban music enthusiast who can appreciate what this Leader of the New School is bringing to the rap game. 


Sunday April 19th – Mainstage, Skier's Plaza - 2:30pm-3:30pm

"Animal Nation should be prescribed by physicians as an oratory cure-all for many of the ailments which plague the human condition, including, but not limited to, depression, heartache, ennui and the blahs. I defy anyone to listen and not feel happy." 
-Kent Osborne, Adventure Time, SpongeBob Squarepants writer

Lozen is no stranger to the industry. She has a knack for making stardom look easy. Performing at world-renowned festivals and achieving elite status as a freestyle emcee, Lozen is quickly becoming a household name. One of the reasons you can’t take your eyes off her is your ears. Her work ethic and passion has earned her residency at nightclubs and radio shows, reaffirming why she remains a bankable star who grabs your attention. She’s positive 
proof that the industry doesn’t need to be resurrected; it just needs a woman’s touch every now and then.



Sunday April 19th – Mainstage, Skier's Plaza - 4:00pm-5:30pm

MSTRKRFT (pronounced "Master-craft") is a Canadian electronic music duo from Toronto. The group was started in 2005 by Jesse F. Keeler of Death from Above 1979 and Al-P (Alex Puodziukas) formerly of theMississauga, Ontario electropop group Girlsareshort. Al-P was also the producer for Death from Above 1979's album You're a Woman, I'm a Machine as well as several of (Jesse's former band) Black Cat #13's records. The duo have been close friends, as well as work partners, for a long time. MSTRKRFT also produced Die Mannequin's first EP, How to Kill, and Magneta Lane's second LP, Dancing With Daggers. MSTRKRFT have been commissioned to remix songs by such artists as Death From Above 1979, Kylie Minogue, Katy Perry, Justice, Bloc Party, Ayumi Hamasaki, Metric, Wolfmother, Annie and The Kills.




*Schedule subject to changes.


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