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New for 2024, WSSF is introducing a a new sporting event. The Cut Rail Jam, sponsored by Rockstar Energy & Skullcandy, will be taking place on Saturday, April 13th at 1:30 PM at the top of Emerald 6 Express Chair on Whistler Mountain.Featuring 40 elite athletes the rail jam promises intense competition with a $20,000 prize purse, divided equally across four categories.

Emcees Jody Wachniak, Mikey Ciccarelli, and Callum Pettit will host the event. Head Judge Harrison Gray will lead industry ski judges Grete Eliaassen and Garrett Russell and snowboard industry judges John Martin and Maria Thomsen.


womens ski

Caoimhe Heavey 

Shondra Charbonneau 

Avery Krumme

Alais Develay 

Skye Clarke 

Zoe Blewett 

Sylvia Trotter

Zoe Grezki

womens snowboard

Crystal Legoffe 

Jasmine Baird 

Avery Spalding 

Maggie Crompton 

Kamilla Kozuback 

Bailey Birkkjaer 

Laura Munro 

Jackie Carlson 

Adelya Talyspayeva 

mens ski

Etienne Geoffory-Gagnon 

Phil Langevin 

Jake Carney 

Teal Harle 

Jacob Belanger 

Quinn Wolferman 

Chase Ujejski 

Mark Hendrickson 

Evan McEachran 

mens snowboard

Cameron Spalding 

Brin Alexander

Finn Westbury 

Darcy Sharpe 

Frank Jobin 

Marty Vachon 

Alex Ball 

Ron Forth 

Nick Elliot

Sean Miskeman

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