Intersection presented by Bromley Baseboards

Whistler BC • April 8-17, 2016

Crowd Scene at the World Ski and Snowboard Festival

This is the ultimate event
. Now in its sixth year, Intersection presented by Bromley Baseboards will once again see action sport filmmaking pushed to its limits.

The chosen crews will each put together a 5-7 minute ski/snowboard film, unique to this competition, that incorporates artistic vision and a whole lot of shredding. The challenge: they only have 7 days to shoot, edit and produce the film, it must be shot within 100km of Whistler, each film must contain 30 seconds of park footage and 30 seconds of WB in-bound terrain.

Teams will battle it out for the grand prize of $10,000. A 1500+ strong audience will pack the Whistler Conference Centre on Friday, April 15 eager to catch the showdown on the big screens and witness who will be crowned Best of Show. Films will be judged on both filmmaking and skiing/snowboarding ability. See below for our 2016 crews!

Show Details
When: Friday, Apr 15, 2016 
Time: Doors: 8:00 PM, Show: 9:00 PM 
Ticket Price: CAD $25.00
Where: Whistler Conference Centre, 4010 Whistler Way 
Hosted by: Robjn Taylor 

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Andrew Santos is a filmmaker from Vancouver, BC.  From the worlds biggest snowboard kickflip to stop motion snowboarding, Andrew has been known to take a creative approach through action sport filmmaking. 


Rinse Mega Corporation International is comprised of film-maker Graeme Meiklejohn, Skiers Rob Heule, Mack Jones, TJ Schiller and Noah Bowman with snowboarding support from Craig McMorris, Patrick Slimmon and Brandon MacGillivray. The team wants to do something a little different this year for Intersection and is excited for everyone to come out and see it come to fruition at the big show during WSSF!
-XOXO Rinse Mega Corporation International


Started in 2013, The Big Picture is a web series that follows the skiing of Chris Logan, Parker White and the friends they travel with.

Growing up as young, east coast rivals it was only natural that these two would be destined to become great friends as well as some of the most influential freeskiers of their time.  With personal influences from music, art and everything but skiing these two managed to lock down a web series of their own where they can portray a style of skiing all their own.  In a stagnant industry it was only natural that these two would branch off the beaten path of contests and motion picture filming to bring you their most current skiing, for free.


A group of shredders from the University of British Columbia. They are dedicated to exploring the coast mountains, pushing each other athletically and creatively, and having as much fun as humanly possible outside the classroom.


KSM Collective is a group of three film makers, Kalum Ko, Dylan Siggers and Zachary Moxley who all share a strong passion of capturing a story through the medium of film. With roots in the action-sports industry, they know the needed coordination, skill and hard work essential to making visuals engage and evoke emotion from viewers.


Please note: Intersection is open to all ages. Some shows may include adult humour and a small amount of profanity. Please attend at your own discretion. 

Join this year's teams at the Official After-Party featuring DJ Fidel Ca$hflow
Where: Garfinkel's
When: Friday, April 15, after the show (~11pm) -2am

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