Tue. Mar 17, 2015

Tim Emmet is a one-man wrecking machine, taking down some of the world’s hardest climbs on both rock and ice. As a professional climber and BASE jumper for the last 16 years, Tim has pushed the limits of ice-climbing to a new level by establishing the first ascent of Wolverine, the most difficult ice climb in the world (2012). He became the first person to climb British Columbia’s otherworldly Helmcken Falls and has established new routes across the globe. Tim is at the forefront of the adventure sports world, ceaselessly pushing himself and inspiring the rest of us,” says climber and former MULTIPLICITY presenter Will Stanhope. “But what makes Tim so special is his fiery zest for life.  It's that contagious energy that makes him such a great speaker, climbing partner and friend.”
About his Presentation:
Tim’s climbing career has taken him to 60 countries, pioneering new routes with style. From sketchy Trad climbing to Deep Water Soloing to alpine wingsuit flying and more recently some of the wildest ice climbing ever seen. Tim talks about some of the highlights and his passionate journey to Helmcken Falls in BC’s incredible Wells Grey Provincial Park — a three year mission to climb to the top of this outrageous icy cavern. His excellent English accent is worth the price of admission alone!
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