Thu. Apr 2, 2015

Intersection presented by Bromley Baseboards is back on April 17 and we’re expecting some serious action this year!

With a new format and a fresh line-up of teams, expect to see some of the craziest ski and snowboard footage you have ever laid eyes on… all before it’s released to the rest of the world!

First step: get your tickets HERE before they sell out (they will)

Second: check out this (epic) list of teams and start placing your bets!

Full Moon Film
Full Moon Film is a creative documentary about connecting the past, present and future of women's snowboarding with some of the best current pro snowboarders in the world. This crew will be traveling in search of the best powder, right in their own backyard of beautiful British Columbia.  These women will be exploring everything from the mountains to the ocean and everything in between, showcasing personality and progressive riding. The film will feature riding from Leanne Pelosi, Marie France Roy, Robin Van Gyn, Hana Beaman, Annie Boulanger, Helen Schettini, Jamie Anderson, Tara Dakides and Barrett Christy.

Kontakt Films
Team Kontakt Films presents ON. Weekends, a short film focusing on the freestyle snowboarding scene in Ontario. Based in a province where the biggest resort has a vertical drop of 720ft, Kontakt Films has recognized Ontario is still a breeding ground for some of the best freestyle snowboarders in Canada. From a new and innovative rail jam in downtown Toronto, to the annual grassroots DownLow competition at Mt. St. Louis Moonstone, to a strictly fun session with friends, ON. Weekends will show a cross section of freestyle snowboarding in Ontario and demonstrate the province’s passion for the sport.
Legs of Steel
Legs of Steel was born in 2009, produced from the ideas and passion of four friends and professional freeskiers with the common goal of making high quality and innovative ski movies. The crew is in the final stages of filming for the fall 2015 release of their two year project, titled Passenger. The edit they will be producing for Intersection is an excerpt from a European Alps segment from their full-length film and will celebrate the 20 year history of the World Ski & Snowboard Festival.
Meanwhile in Canada
In 2014, the Meanwhile in Canada crew travelled from Vancouver to Halifax in an RV to produce a cross-Canada urban ski film. The project was hugely successful and even won the Best AM Film Award at the International Freeskiing Film Festival this fall. After the Canadian West Coast experienced an unusually mild winter, the crew decided to return to the RV in search of finding colder temperatures in Canada’s great white north. Mack Jones, Rob Heule, Pat Slimmon, Graeme Meiklejohn and Stewart Medford combine forces for another urban ski epic with their latest project, Ski The North.
UBC Freeride Collab
The UBC Freeride Collab brings together the next generation of skiers, snowboarders and filmmakers to present a look into their lives chasing winter. 
The Wildcats
The iconic Wildcats crew, who first made their mark on snowboarding over 15 years ago, have reunited to produce a new full length movie called Wildcats Never Die. The film will celebrate the crew’s long history in the industry while at the same time recognizing the new faces of snowboarding. The crew has travelled the globe in search of this season’s best snow and has captured some amazing riding in the process. The film will feature Devun Walsh, Eero Niemela, Ryan Tiene, Benji Ritchie, Charles Reid, Romain deMarche, Jf Pelchat, Iikka Backstrom, Kale Stephens, Gaetan Chanut, Chris Brown, Chris Dufficy, and all the original Wildcats.
Whistler Creek Productions
Whistler Creek Productions’ latest project, Balance, follows the legendary David Carrier Porcheron (aka DCP) as he reflects on snow, skate and surf culture. The film explores the global hotspots of boarding culture, including Whistler, Indonesia, Shanghai and Norway, and will feature riding from DCP, Terje Haakonsen, Manuel Diaz, Clint Allan, Taj Burrow, Rizal Tanjung, David Gonzalez, and many others.