Sat. Apr 18, 2015

What a festival! It’s not technically over until Sunday but Intersection presented by Bromley Baseboards marks the end of the film/photo gala events and it was quite the night. The six action packed snow sports films shown raised anticipation for next season to a palpable level.

The Wildcats(!) came back for this year’s show and threw me in to a tail spin of high school emotions. They stayed true to what made the Wildcats so cool then; showcasing the balance (if you can call it that) of partying and riding hard. Their film was a bit of a throwback stylistically but with all the trappings of a modern snowboard film budget.

The show stopper was the Legs of Steel segment from their upcoming film, Passenger. The part was shot in Alaska and was chalk full of heli drops onto insane ridges followed by powder filled chutes and mini avalanches. It was epic in the true sense of the word.

For me, the most important film was Whishalla from Full Moon Films. It was an all ladies crew and I don’t know if Leanne Pelosi intended for it to be an amazing feminist flick, but it was. It wasn’t about girls trying to ride like guys or trying to be feminine while showing their capability on the hill, it was just a snowboard video about snowboarding and being good at it. The women in the film were having fun in the most un-self-conscious way and it was rad. I loved it.

Ski the North is the latest project from the boys behind Meanwhile in Canada and the fun they had filming shone through in the final product. They hopped in an RV and travelled north, hitting up small towns in BC and the Yukon and building hits to session. I particularly liked the scene in Fort St. John where they used PVC pipe and a field of dirt mounds to build a mini park. The guys are a good time and their film was too.

Congrats to the winner of Best in Show, Legs of Steel and to the People’s Choice champ, Full Moon Films, thanks for being great role models, it was a well-deserved win!

Written by Sarah Morden
Photo courtesy of Abby Cooper