Mon. Apr 11, 2016

Every year this event aims to bring a ton of hype as its presenters tell their inspirational stories through a myriad of different platforms, and this year they definitely didn’t disappoint. Hosted in the gorgeous Whistler Conference Center, the 8 speakers evoked a variety of emotions from the audience.

Dr. Pushpa Chandra and Norm Hann brought powerful stories that reflected on their heritage that would embolden the patriotism in any Canadian. Rory Bushfield and Benny Marr got the audience stoked with their humour and awe-inspiring videos, while Lynsey Dyer and Jasmin Caton were equally impressive in their tales of what anyone can accomplish if they put their mind to it.

Keynote speaker Bruce Kirkby really brought the house down with his energy on the stage as he delighted us with his life story that many locals in the room would be hard pressed not to relate to. His struggle finding his personal answer to the meaning of life while trying to meet the expectations that are imposed on all of us, elicited a feeling of familiarity for many, including myself.

The importance of freedom and being true to oneself were the main themes that I walked away with after reflecting upon this awesome event, and I look forward to what Multiplicity is going to bring to the table next year.