Tue. Apr 19, 2016

Whilst it was pouring rain during the Chromeo set, I managed to set up camp under a Longhorn Saloon umbrella with a perfect view of the jib set up for the Gibbons Style Session. The event paired one skier and one snowboarder together in an unexpected team scenario, creating an interesting contrast. The two athletes were sent down the course at the same time, hitting a massive cannon rail with the steeziest team taking home $8,000.
“It's always awesome to have a contest at the base of Whistler, especially when it's something new!” comments Mack Jones, a competitor. “Mixing skiers and boarders added a whole new element that definitely made it interesting. Everyone had so much fun sessioning the cannon rails. It's not a super common feature so I was stoked on it!”
Perhaps threatened if it weren’t for Darcy Sharpe and skier Dean Bercovitch’s major collision, the almost unfair pairing of skier Evan McEachran and snowboarder Tyler Nicholson swept the competition in the men’s category. Locals Jarrad McCarl and Jake Carney managed to throw down some unrecognized wicked style with a back slide back 4 and a switch to switch blunt.
Snowboarder Spencer O’Brien and skier Kaya Turski took it home for the women. Additional prizes, $500 bar tabs at the Longhorn, which I managed to cash in on went out to Ryan Manning for Highest Individual Score and Blaine Gallivan for Best Style. Shout out to Gibbons for throwing a new and interesting twist on a classic rail jam which resulted in a ton of fun.