Tue. Mar 27, 2018

By Abby Cooper

It’s a love hate kinda thing. We never want WSSF to end, but The END is so epic that we seriously can’t wait for it! Prepare for a night of pumpin’ sounds, live art, and a sprinkle of music festival inspired shenanigans. Think Bass Coast and Shambhala style with massive sound and crazy lighting. Wrapping up the best week of the year in Whistler doesn’t stop at the stroke of midnight, no this party lasts until 4am so buckle up for a dance marathon right in the heart of Whistler. 
This year The END is presented by Mountain Magic, who have been playing to crowds across the western Canadian mountain ranges and are ending their tour right here in Whistler. Along with their crew of Smalltown DJs, Christian Martin, Mat the Alien, Ardalan, and a Case of the Mondays they have some friends who enjoy flowing gowns and pointy hats—you’ll know what we mean when you see them.
Headlining this year’s event is female DJ and producer Mija. She shot to fame after going back-to-back with Skrillex at the Bonnaroo Music Festival a few years ago. Alongside her there’s DJ Craze and the UK’s Sinden. It’s going to big, it’s going to go off, and you’re going to want to be there. Tickets are $40 and going fast.
This legendary party has worn a few names over the years, but it would be impossible to mention its history and origin with out mentioning Ace Mackay Smith, also known as DJ Foxy Moron. This fun loving DJ has been laying down tracks to loosen up Whistler and party people around the globe for nearly ten years now so she knows a thing or two about crafting a good time with tunes. Ace has been helping sculpt this event since its inception, lead by her passion for nights filled with musical journeys. We chatted with the lovely lady herself in order to appreciate the past, and prepare for this year’s The END.
What was the first WSSF ender party like?
When the first WSSF launched, two friends and I had an idea to throw a Closing Party on the last Saturday.  We rented the Conference Centre, hired all our friends and basically threw the first “rave” in there called Heaven. We had artists painting live, DJs, a fashion show, dancers, and we hand-built structures, decor, and visuals. There was no alcohol served so that we could stay open until the early hours. The name of the party and theme changed every year until we stopped doing it a few years later and moved it to a new location “Mountain World” which used to be where the theatres are now. It was an entertainment venue with multiple rooms and even a glow-in-the-dark bowling alley.
What is your role at The END party now? 
This year I’m working on the visual and interactive aspects of the party, like art and decor and bringing together the non-music based entertainment and performers.  I’m excited to add some surprises and work with the theme.  
What do you expect to be the best part of this years The END?
I don’t want to give anything away about The END. It’s more fun to be surprised!  
What are some of your career highlights as a DJ?
Opening for Loverboy. My favourite gig might be the weekends DJ’ing up at Glacier Creek that I’m doing right now. Playing on the beach at Shambhala and at Bass Coast is fun too! 
Was there a moment of feeling as though you'd "made it" on your journey as a DJ? 
Ha, ha, never! But that’s not something I think about ever. I just want to play music that I really believe is good music and support myself to be able to live in this town. That makes me happy.
Join Ace, the WSSF team, Mountain Magic, and all that music talent on Saturday, April 14. Tickets are $40 and only available online – get yours.