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Whistler BC • April 7-16, 2017

Crowd Scene at the World Ski and Snowboard Festival


Friday, April 14, 2017
Whistler Conference Centre
Doors: 8pm / Show: 9pm

This is the ultimate event.

The chosen crews will each put together a 5-7 minute ski/snowboard film, unique to this competition, that incorporates artistic vision and a whole lot of shredding. The challenge: they only have 7 days to shoot, edit and produce the film, it must be shot within 100km of Whistler, each film must contain 30 seconds of park footage and 30 seconds of WB in-bound terrain. This year's 7 days will take place March 22-29!

Teams will battle it out for the grand prize of $10,000. A 1500+ strong audience will pack the Whistler Conference Centre on Friday, April 14 eager to catch the showdown on the big screens and witness who will be crowned Best of Show. Films will be judged on both filmmaking and skiing/snowboarding ability.


Gapers Gone Wild 
From quantum physicists and engineering students, to swing dancers, to mushroom picking surfers, the greatest Canadian free skiing force Gapers Gone Wild are diverse and cooperative individuals who share the love of free skiing and visual platforms that segment the stoke. With multiple self-produced movies including “Something Like That” and “Boiled Your Geese in Hell” plus an armoury full of short edits, this crew has been documenting their skiing for nearly 10 years.
We are a new up and coming crew out of Whistler. We are trying to reignite the filming spark in Whistler by filming a 4 part web series called “What's Not To Love?”. We don't take ourselves too seriously, we just like to have fun and drop heaters!
Happy Place Films
This year has seen a huge step forward for Happy Place Films, culminating in our first feature-length movie at the end of the 2017 Season. Happy Place Films is focused on taking athletes into their natural habitat and showcasing them for the world to see. Every step we take is carefully planned out and safety is always a priority in all of our adventures. But, don’t get us wrong, we go BIG, GNARLY and border-line crazy to make the best edits and movies possible.
Hood Crew
When you share your best memories with your close friends, the bonds you form begin to turn you into a family. The Hood Crew produces short movies highlighting our family’s adventures skiing in the city streets and the mountains. Everyday we ski is a celebration and we hope to inspire others to join in on this festive lifestyle with the media we produce.
As a young kid growing up in Guelph, Ontario biking and skateboarding in the summers to skiing and snowboarding in the winters, our group of friends became known as the crazy kids from the flips and spins we were doing in whatever adrenalin filled sports we could find. Now living in Whistler, BC since 2009, we are still living the lifestyle and creating video content to document our adventures. Fascinated by the fact that you can buy small portions of royal land in England for cheap and legally change your title to a Lord we all thought this was a great idea. Now the Lords of Whistler are looking to push our video productions to another level and found no better way than this epic contest.
RK Films
RK films is an independent film company based in Whistler. Director Ryan Kenny brings a cinematic storytelling to action sports.

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